Adam Dziedzic
Secretary General

Although originally from Poland, Adam has lived abroad for most of his life – in Kuwait, Egypt and most recently in The Netherlands, where he is currently in his final year of the Global Management of Social Issues program at Tilburg University.

He has been active on the MUN circuit as of 2009 and has since attended over 30 conferences worldwide as a delegate, chair and advisor. In the years 2012-2014, he served as President of the MUN association at The British International School, Cairo and as President  & Secretary General of the Tilburg Model United Nations Association in the years 2016-2017.

Between July 2017 and January 2018, Adam worked at the Heinrich Boll Foundation in Warsaw, where he was involved in the organization of several international politics programs & events. Apart from this, in the past, Adam has coordinated a number of different projects in the fields of social entrepreneurship, and civic education PR. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, exploring new corners of the world and listening to good music.





Joanna Mikoś
Under-Secretary General for Finance

Joanna is originally a fourth year Finance student at Cracow University of Economics, currently on her Erasmus exchange programme at Universidade de Coimbra in Portugal.She started her MUN career over one year ago as a part of the Secretariat. Like everyone else, she absolutely loved the experience and hence decided to be a part of KrakMUN 2018. In her free time she likes hanging out with friends and exploring the unknown and undiscovered wonders of the world. Joanna has the perfect eye for numbers so your payments are safe and sound under her watch!









Michał Siemieniec
President of UNIVERSUM

Michał is a student of International Business at Cracow University of Economics., Personally a man of renesanse, he deems that his favourite word is ‘progress’. Michał believes in studying everything possible in order to fulfill his main goal of becoming a wise, universal and respected man. He argues that the best way to improve your own self is to help and cooperate with others. This is primarily the reason why he is part of the MUN team and most importantly, a good man.









Mikołaj Sołtysiak
Under-Secretary General for Delegate Services

The word which is most often used to describe Mikołaj, is ‘calm’. He studies Law at the Cracow University of Economics. As a member of Law and European Studies student societies at his alma mater, his interests lie in the area of international affairs, which includes UN and the EU.

Mikołaj had the honor and  pleasure of completing an internship at the European Union, which included attending meetings of standing committees of the European Parliament. Participating in the creation of this year’s edition of Cracow Model United Nations is a way of fulfilling his passion.His interests also include politics and business, art, cinema, insects and a love for books. Being open to new ideas and meeting people, he will gladly answer all of your questions!








Emilia Olchawa
Under-Secretary General for Logistics

Emilia is fourth year student at the University of Economics in Cracow at the faculty of International Relations. Her MUN experience started when she was a second year student and she was chosen for President and then Vice President of the European Studies Academic Circle Universum, where she became a part of KrakMun Secretariat.  She is also a member of the Academic Basketball Team.

Outside of her studies and MUNs, Emilia is currently working as flower designer and spends the rest of her free time traveling, hiking and spoiling the jokes. She is a creative and energetic person who has a passion for people, she loves negotiations, good food, cute animals and alcohol, has a great curiosity for new cultures and experiences. She lives in Cracow with four girls so she knows something about logistics and survival too!








Olena Khoziainova
Under-Secretary General for Staff

Olena, or Olenka as everyone has gotten used to calling her is definitely the emotional part of the team who always adds a bit of al ugh to our meetings. Olena came to Poland 4 years ago and began her fascinating adventure of a long bachelor’s degree. When she came to this crew she was brand new to the world of MUNing and similar simulations. However now, she is an experienced individual who built on her previously gained knowledge and skills and is looking forward to organizing the most interesting, exciting and fruitful conference Poland has ever seen.










M. Kania