The history of Cracow Model United Nations starts in October 2014, when three members of students’ society “Universum” at Cracow University of Economics- Aleksandra Binduga, Joanna Bomba and Katarzyna Kipek- took an initiative and supported by their student society decided to organise Model United Nations conference. This event was about to become one of the first academic conferences in Poland, the first one in the former capital of Poland and the only one in south-east Poland.

In a month student society “Homo Politicus” joined “Universum” in order to help in preparations for this event. But the original Secretariat consisted on people form not only from Cracow University of Economics (CUE) but Jagiellonian University, Andrzej Frycz Modrzejewski Cracow University or Nicolaus Copernicus Bilingual High School in Warsaw. Aleksandra Binduga- representative of CUE and “Universum” was elected for the Secretary General position.

Organizers opened six committees: UNSC, WHO, EcoSoc, EcoFin, HRC and ICC with the general topic of deliberations on asylum seekers and their rights.

KrakMUN was under the official media auspices of, and The City of Cracow became co-sponsors of welcome packs for the 80 delegates taking part in the first edition of the conference. Among students from the best polish universities and high schools were sitting students from UCL, LSE, Kings Collage in London, Viadrina and high schoolers from Fyling Hall School, UK.

After undoubted success of the conference in October 2015 “Universum” gained Krakow Congress Centre as the official partner of the second edition, and decided to join their forces this time with VI High School in Cracow. This decision was made to make conference more approachable for high school students that still remain a great majority of MUNers in Poland, however to make sure KrakMUN is still university level conference Sebastian Pape- student of bachelor program in economics at the European University Viadrina- was elected as a second Secretary General in a history of Cracow Model United Nations and was supported in his doings by the Secretariat made mostly with students from Cracow University of Economics.

1st of April 2016 110 delegates gathered in Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology to debate in again six committees (UNSC, UNESCO, HRC, WHO, EcoSoc and ICJ) on problems of South-East Asia.

After two successful editions KrakMUN 2017 started to become a real in October 2016, when “Universum” decided to organise this year edition by itself, and choose Michał Wichowski for the third KrakMUN Secretary General.