Committee: United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Based on a routine session of the United Nations Security Council selected by the chairs of the UNSC


Topic: The Situation in Aleppo Syria in the Aftermath of its Liberation

Aim: Assure restoration of the city and addressing humanitarian concerns in accordance with Chapter V of the United Nations Charter.

The conflict in Syria, already a humanitarian disaster, has turned into an international conflagration affecting the wider world. With Iran, Russia and Lebanon’s Hezbollah fighting to prop up the al-Assad regime, while the opposition is backed by Turkey, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. ISIS and the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front are also fighting against al-Assad. The role of the international community is crucial in order to stop the ongoing fighting and to create conditions for sustainable peace. It will have to bring the warring sides to the table and, what is more important, to establish the conditions for long lasting peace and stability in the country and the region would require support in terms of building the peace on the ground with missions and joint efforts even when the war will be finished. The international community will have to make a serious effort to resolve the crisis because the consequences for the country are becoming more serious every day as thousands of displaced people are passing the borders of the neighbouring countries causing a humanitarian crisis. Success will require an enormous amount of political will and leadership on all fronts.



President: Plamen Pachev

Vice-President: Zlata Kolesnyk

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