Committee: United Nations General Assembly Refugees Committee (UNHCR)

A simplified simulation of the upcoming 23rd Conference of Parties (COP23) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)


Topic A – Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Aim: To improve the living conditions and access to education of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Abstract: The conflict in Syria has brought its citizens to seek refuge in its neighboring countries, among them is Lebanon. Lebanon is hosting more than one million Syrians, however, since the “No camp” policy was implemented these refugees are dispersed throughout the cities. Their day-to-day activities are challenged by the living conditions they are faced with. Access to education as well as healthcare are the main concerns of this topic. Therefore, UNHCR is calling all member states to work together multilaterally in improving the living conditions and access to education of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.  


Topic B – Protection of LGBT Rights through the UNHCR

Aim: Revise the UNHCR Mandate to strengthen LGBT rights among refugees, and develop a framework to better protect those escaping persecution due to sexual orientation.

Abstract: In recent decades, some countries have seen significant improvements in LGBT rights, while others have seen the opposite trend. The contrast has increased the amount of asylum seekers fleeing persecution due to sexual orientation. Unlike asylum seekers fleeing war zones, the future of LGBT asylum seekers is much more uncertain, with refugee status not necessarily mitigating persecution. Furthermore, the protection of LGBT rights among refugees still raises concerns. Asylum seekers may face persecution in traveling to their desired host country, in refugee camps, and in their communities once their applications are successful. Nations will have the possibility to assess the current UNHCR mandate and whether it is adequate and resilient in the protection of LGBT rights internationally.



High Commissioner for Refugees: Ichiko Elizabeth

Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees: Vasiliki Lampidi

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