Equality, Stability & Prosperity – Can the dream become reality?


The world we live in is an ever changing one – it is a world more modern and technologically advanced than ever before. A world where nothing seems to be impossible and day by day we are amazed by mankind’s achievements. Whether it’s the invention of the electric car, the launching of Facebook in 2004 or the discovery of ice on Mars, we seem to be advancing in every possible manner.

However, the 21st century has not been all but success and happiness. Currently, more than 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty, citizens around the world are fighting for their fundamental human rights, while climate change and the associated natural disasters are proving to be more and more problematic for citizens and policymakers alike.  

This is why this year’s conference theme is centered around the three pillars of sustainable development: Equality, Stability and Prosperity. Delegates will have the possibility to debate issues of global significance in a wide array of committees and councils, all in an effort to contribute to the collective growth and development of our planet in alignment with Agenda 2030.


United Nations Security Council

Countries (15): United States of America, United Kingdom, France, China, Russia, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Côte d’Ivoire, Poland, Kuwait, Peru, Netherlands, Equatorial Guinea

International Criminal Court

Total (13): 9 Judges, 1 Defendat, 1 Advocate, 2 Prosecutors

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Conference of the Parties 24

Countries (25): USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, China, Sweden, Netherlands, Brazil, India, Turkey, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Nigeria, Turkey, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Poland, Iran, Japan, Indonesia, Australia

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Countries (20): Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, Germany, Poland, Turkey, UK, USA, Norway, Netherlands, Japan, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Mexico, Israel, Greece, Slovakia, Spain

United Nations Human Rights Council

Countries (20): Nigeria, Egypt, Côte d’Ivoire, Qatar, China, Philippines, Ukraine, UK, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Australia, USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan,South Africa, Venezuela, Belgium

United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development

Countries (20): Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, China, India, Japan, Poland, Russia, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, USA, UK, Turkey, Thailand, Peru, Côte d’Ivoire, Pakistan

Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Countries (20): Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Malaysia, Iran, Indonesia, Albania, Pakistan, Nigeria, Jordan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Iraq, Kazakhstan