Delegates of all levels are welcome. The only requirement to apply is a good command of the English language. For more advanced committees (ICC, UNSC) prior MUN experience or relevant area of study at university is strongly encouraged.

Committees and Type
UNFCCC – Environmental
UNHCR – Humanitarian
G20 – Economic
LoN – Historic/Security
ICC – Legal
UNSC – Security

Topics for each committee posted below

Topics (information about application below)

UNFCCC – UN Conference on Climate Change 

(A) Water and UNFCCC: Water conservation and pollution mitigation.
(B) Future of the Paris Agreement amidst withdrawal of parties.

UNHCR – UN Refugees Committee

(A) Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
(B) Protection of LGBT Rights through the UNHCR Mandate

ICC – International Criminal Court

Case: The Prosecutor versus Joseph Kony

LoN – League of Nations Council (1920-1945)

(A) Resolving the Poland-Lithuanian War (October 1920)
(B) Responding to the Great Fire of Smyrna (September 1922)

G20 – Group of Twenty Summit

(A) Increasing growth and competitiveness through digitalisation
(B) Food Security & Agricultural Sustainability

UNSC – UN Security Council

Topic: The Situation in Aleppo Syria in the Aftermath of its Liberation


Payment is due 5 working days after receiving an email with bank details. Please be aware that it can take up to 5 working days for this email to be sent to you. Failure to comply with this deadline will result in the withdrawal of your application.

Delegate Fee: 35 EURO or 150 PLN

This fee covers participation costs in both the conference (April 28-30) and the pre-programme (April 27), Three Lunches at the UEK canteen (April 28-30), and one social event (April 28). There is a 10% discount on Delegate Fees for Delegation Applications (3-6 delegates).

Are you a Beginner?

The Secretary General is running workshops from 12:00-16:30 as part of the KrakMUN 2017 Pre-Programme on 27 April. New delegates are encouraged to attend.

The programme will consist of: Rules & Procedures Introduction and Training (12:00-13:00), a Flow of Debate Workshop (13:00-14:00), Resolution Writing Workshop (14:30-15:30), and an Introduction to the United Nations System (15:30-16:30). These workshops are free to all delegates. If you already have some MUN background, you are still welcome to pick and choose any of these workshops

If you ever have any question about procedures, use the “Point of Parliamentary Enquiry” to ask a question to your chairs. Their job is to help everyone understand and follow the Rules & Procedures.

Language and Difficulty

Delegates from all backgrounds are welcome to apply for any committee; however, some delegates may find content in some committees harder than in others. Choose the field in which you are most interested in. Rules & Procedures. All committees are simulated in English. G20, ICJ, and UNSC contain slightly more advanced English in the Study Guide compared to other committees.

Don’t know which one is right for you? Message the Secretary General with your details for advice: 

Przydało by się trochę pomocy z angielskiego? Konferencja w Sprawie Zmian Klimatu (UNFCCC) i Liga Narodów (LoN) mają Polskich chairów (marszałków) którzy mogą pomóc w razie wszelkich wątpliwości językowych. Członkowie sekretariatu, którzy będą krążyć pomiędzy komitetami w czasie konferencji, też mogą pomóc. Delegaci na niższych poziomach angielskiego (B2/C1) dostaną pierwszeństwo na pozycje w tych komitetach.

Chairing Waitlist

Chairing applications are now closed. You may be added to the chairing waitlist if you have applied as a delegate by simply sending a message to the Secretary General requesting to be added to the Waitlist at

• excellent command of MUN rules & procedures
• fluent in the English language (C2 and above)
• availability in Krakow from 27.04.17 (5pm) to 30.04.17 (5pm)


For questions related to payments and logistics, message USG for Delegates (Danuta Gruszka) –

For questions related to topics, study guides, and chairing issues, contact the Secretary General (Michal Wichowski) –

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