The Cracow Model United Nations 2017 (KrakMUN) secretariat would like to warmly welcome you to the third edition of our conference taking place from April 28 - 30 at the Krakow University of Economics. KrakMUN is one of few University level Model United Nations conferences in Poland, in addition to a thriving High School level circuit. Started in 2015 by students of the Krakow University of Economics, KrakMUN has grown to be an important stop on the Polish MUN circuit, and has in its two editions of the conference hosted nearly 250 domestic and international delegates.

What is MUN?

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Theme: Multilateralism in a Multilpolar World

The theme of this year's KrakMUN origniates from the abruptly changing dynamics and circumstances of international relations in 2016. This year was marked by deteriorating international relations, increasing polarization among former allies, worsening international crises, rise of populism and anti-globalisation movements, and economic uncertainty. For better or for worse, we live in a time of great change in international fora, and KrakMUN 2017 aims to inspire its delegates to examine these changes head on, to understand some of the factors of this complex political equation.

What new challanges will arise in these circumstances? What new partnerships and alliences can be formed to maintain or fundamentally change the institutions we currently live under? To what exent is historical precedence similar to events today? How will multilateralism be effected? These questions will be at the hands of our chairs and delegates as they simulate a the proceedings of an array of multilateral, regional, and historical fora.

United Nations Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change holds a yearly high profile multilalteral conference often including heads of state. Its 23rd Conference of Parties (COP 23) which will take place in November 2017 may be one of the most turbulent in its history, with the United States threatening to withdraw its longstanding support for the initiative.

The UNFCCC is a good entry point for first time delegates, and benefits from a wider variety of backgrounds. It is particularily significant to Kraków, which suffers from some of the worst pollution levels in Europe.

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United Nations General Assembly Refugees Committee (UNHCR)

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (The UN Refugee Agency) continues to grapple with refugee crises around the world, but also continues to see a general apathy from nations in response to these crises. With increasing xenophobia, particularly in developing nations, will the agency be able to fulfil its mandate effectively, or will it crumble under the increasing pressures.

The UNHCR can be a demanding humanitarian committee, but it is very suitable for beginners to MUN, and has significant relevance to the current political situation in Europe.

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United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

The United Nations Security Council is prehaps the most recognizable, controvercial, and important body of the United Nations. Rapidly changing nature of warfare, deteriorating relations between the US and China, and improving relations between US and Russia but not with the EU, will have critical implications on the proceedings of this forum in the 2017.

The UNSC is an advanced, complex, and multidimentional committee, perfectly suited to students of Politics and International Relations. Only 15 plus observes positions are availiable in this committee.

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International Criminal Court (ICC)

The International Court of Justice is the main judicial branch of the United Nations. It is the most common legal committee at MUNs. Dispute settlement is what enables international law and multilateral institutions. This committee can look at the theme of this conference from a completely different angle, but no less important to conflict present.

The ICJ is a committee for current and future law students, and follows fairly different rules and procedures to the remaining committees. Experienced International Relations students may also be admitted.

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Group of 20 (G20)

The Group of 20 is a high profile meeting of the heads of state of the twenty largest economies in the world. The consensus building of the G20 is an important step towards multilateralism, but it is increasingly difficult to achieve. The forum has seen increasing pressure from emerging economies, while there is growing resentment towards trade in developed nations.

This committee is ideal for economically minded delegates and international relations students. This committee is suitable for delegates of all experience levels.

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League of Nations Council (LoN)

The League of Nations was a keystone moment in multilateral relations. It was the first multilateral body with the goal to maintain world peace. It’s failures under the pressures of extreme polarisation provides an important lesson for us today. KrakMUN is proud to be the only Polish MUN conference this year to simulate this body.

​The LoN is a challenging committee that should be attempted by any keen delegate at least once. It is certainly geared towards either History or International Relations students and experienced delegates.

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The Secretary General of KrakMUN 2017, and the honorary guest member of its secretariat is Michal Wichowski.

Michal is originally from Warsaw, Poland, and is currently an Economics student at the University of Nottingham due to finish his masters programme in September 2017. It is now his fourteenth year abroad. He was President (2015-16) and Vice President (2014-15) of the University of East Anglia Model UN Society in Norwich, England. After fifteen conferences in the last three years, he has gained an exceptional reputation on the European circuit both as a chair and delegate. He was a first time chair at our conference last year, and has since been chair at five conferences around Europe, including OxiMUN, HamMUN, NottsMUN, POLMUN, and IWMUN.


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